Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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By DAN KRAMERHas the world really gotten smaller? Well, no, but the word ”global” is often used these days to describe how our vast...

If you really want a blessing once in awhile, do something nice for a friend or a stranger, and do not accept any pay for it. You will experience that giving is a blessing.

“It sure beat starving,” Charlie would often say of the many ‘room and board’ deals he struck for himself and his brothers over the years of their hard-scrabble childhood.

Three Ohio wines received Director’s Choice award distinction from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Better data drives better ag decisions, and data is getting bigger and bigger. How will you manage it?

How serious is the late planting? Depends upon the source of the opinion. (Hint: The trade has not been all that concerned.)

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled May 13 in favor of Monsanto in a landmark intellectual property law case involving patented seeds.

Hello Again! On April 22, people all over the country reached out to celebrate Earth Day and thanked their local farmers, the original conservationists and...

Judge determines the use of hydraulic fracturing can constitute trespassing.

Harrison County's Allison Dawson was crowned as the District 3 Holstein Queen.