Saturday, February 4, 2023
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A Penn State Extension online course, titled "Ag 101," covers the basics of agriculture in Pennsylvania and other mid-Atlantic and Northeast states.

Encourage children to take an interest in the agriculture industry because one day they will be the future of agriculture.

Population shifts around the world are likely good predictors of how demand in the agricultural industry will adapt in the long term.

Our fear of hunger dictates a food system where farmers are embedded in a system that pushes for ever-higher yields, production, exports and profits.

When customers buy soybeans from Bluegrass Farms of Ohio, they're buying varieties with consistent characteristics and identity preserved credentials. 

Several Ohioans were selected to receive grants from the North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program.

Because of agriculture’s overall thirst, it is the biggest, fattest, slowest target in every effort to re-allocate today’s dwindling supplies of water.

There will be a shortfall in Russian wheat export sales due to the war in Ukraine. Alan Guebert explains how much this will impact global supply.

Learn more about the crop sector in Ukraine, impacts on grain movement and potential impacts to U.S. agriculture because of the Russian invasion. 

Alan Guebert explains how globalization has led to one of the most efficiency-centered, imbalanced and fragile economies in history.