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Allis-Chalmers (the name wasn't adopted until 1901) was an old company when tractors came along, having begun in 1847 as Decker & Seville to manufacture buhr mills in Milwaukee.

Not too many steam power shows in the winter, so it's a good time to think back (or plan for summer).

As late as the early 1930s, small acreage farmers with only two or three horses and wanting to go to power farming were left with few options.

Crawler tractors have quite the history.

  By: TOM DOWNINGThe activities at steam and engine shows take place primarily outside and so are greatly subject to weather conditions. Some might argue...

Located in northeastenr Ohio, in Auburn, Ohio, Lewis and Walter Brockway first built the American Garden Tractor, and then formed the Leader Tractor Company in 1940.