Thursday, March 21, 2019
kitchen table

Farm and Dairy reader Lynne Almasy shares all the reasons she's grateful for her kitchen table as she prepares to serve another Thanksgiving feast there.
The Wizard of Oz

Just when you think farm life is going smoothly, those Flying Monkeys will come out of nowhere. Editor Susan Crowell shares farm insight from The Wizard of Oz.

Learn more about the differences between genetic engineering, CRISPR and mutation breeding.
Two riders on tractor

Every day, a routine farm task — one someone has possibly done “a thousand times” — turns into a farm accident because we just don’t think the unthinkable will ever happen to us.
flag and microphones

The unrelenting search for truth by members of a free press is one of the hallmarks of this nation.

The news that a California jury agreed Aug. 10 with a claim that Monsanto’s Roundup product contributed to one man’s cancer was a verdict heard around the world.

If the trade conflict is not resolved soon, there will be lasting damage to trade relationships that will harm U.S. agriculture for the long term, says a Colorado State University ag economist.

When is meat meat and when is milk milk? Is almond milk real milk? Is lab-grown meat, or plant-based meat, real meat? And who gets to decide? Editor Susan Crowell brings you up to speed.

From her 79-mile section hike of the Appalachian Trail, Editor Susan Crowell uncovered hiking lessons that can easily be translated into farming (or life!) wisdom.

Carlton Jones, the mayor of Tulare County, California, is facing backlash following his anti-agriculture comments on social media.
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