Thursday, August 11, 2022
woman feeding sheep

Rebecca Miller writes about how her parents got into farming, and what those early roots mean to their farming journey today.
field at sunset

Farming is not for everyone, but it can be rewarding. If we reorient our perspective, it wouldn’t be so daunting for others to follow in our footsteps.
Dog and a lamb

In the middle of a bustling lambing time, Rebecca Miller will take a win wherever she can, especially in the hard-earned breaths of a newborn lamb.
Niger sheep

Rebecca Miller says meat in or out days are yet another side effect of the increasing separation between the general public and people who produce food.
winter sunset

Farm and Dairy is the region's ag paper of record. We're proud of that standing, we love agriculture and we'll continue to cover it with professionalism.
crooked bridge

We will keep our eyes on the big picture. We will seek to engage with what’s going on. Hopefully, in doing so, we will continue to build bridges to people.
sheep in pasture

Rebecca Miller stopped writing at one point this year. She started again, because she could take a breath long enough to put something down in written form.
hands with puzzle

The pandemic is touching the lives of everyone, globally. That knowledge helps put things in perspective for Rebecca Miller.
woman with books

There are different narratives going on right now with the national election, at the expense of the one of the most unique political processes in the world.
dogs at sunrise

This year has ushered in a new tradition for Rebecca Miller: early morning treks with her livestock guardian dogs and sheep.