Sunday, April 22, 2018
facial recognition in dairy herd

Dairymen can use facial recognition technology to improve feed management, health, and ultimately milk production.

The Task Force on Agriculture and Rural Prosperity report is renewing a focus on rural America. But now the real work starts, says Editor Susan Crowell in this week's commentary.
New Year 2018

Let’s blast into 2018 with no regrets, no whining and no looking back at what was or what might have been. Editor Susan Crowell shares five tips to get you on track.

It's hard to lump family farms into one neat package. Family farms are small, large and everywhere in between, and their farm business structure can be simple or complicated. More from Editor Susan Crowell.
Christmas In Evergreen

When life becomes too hectic, too depressing, too whatever, there’s nothing like a good Hallmark Christmas movie.
Addiction: A Rural Reality

Editor Susan Crowell on the opioid crisis: "There needs to be a sense of urgency. We need to start responding as neighbors, as communities."

Food Evolution may not have all the answers to how food should be raised, but hopefully it sparks meaningful conversations about agriculture and technology.
Pills, Fentynal Powder, and Heroin syringe sit on a table

Some readers may think the subject of drug addiction doesn’t belong in the pages of Farm and Dairy. Editor Susan Crowell explains why it does.
Butler Oaks damage from Irma

While we’re protecting and caring for livestock every day, Editor Susan Crowell reminds us there’s a huge faction out there who says you are evil and should be stopped.
sun in corn field

Alliances, partnerships and communication -- up and down the food production and supply chains -- are part of a new way of thinking about agriculture in the U.S.
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