Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Perennial crops are diverse and offer a wide range of benefits. Learn the five general categories and how to get started.

Pathogens and pests are causing maize losses of 20 to 41 percent, and soybean losses of 11-32 percent.

This year's Master Farmer recipients and conservation award winner are committed to taking care of the land, and addressing the water quality issue.

This Delaware County grain farmer is an advocate for his industry — on his farm and across the country.

These two Wayne County farmers operate grain and dairy farms, with the goal of taking care of the land and their families.

Crawford County farmer Casey Niese relies on the insight of his father and grandfather, and his college education, to succeed as a crop farmer.

Researchers have identified varieties of tropical corn from Oaxaca, Mexico, that can acquire a significant amount of the nitrogen they need from the air.

Favorable growing weather continues, putting downward pressure on prices.

Crops are looking good, for the most part, but the market price definitely is not.

The Pennsylvania Land Improvement Contractors Association hosted a field day June 20 at Spring Meadows Farm, Grove City. Approximately 150 people came to watch a 50-acre field get 4-inch drainage tile installed.