Monday, May 27, 2024
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The 2024 Pennsylvania Dairy Summit will be held on Feb 7 and 8 for young dairy producers interested in networking and career development workshops.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Hershey Company announced a joint commitment of $2 million to support local dairy farmers.

Retired dairy farmer, Jim Crawford, wrote in to share his thoughts on the misrepresentation of milk's nutritional benefits over the years.

Relative to the drought in Ohio, can the dairy industry breathe a sign of relief? Maurice Eastridge weighs in on what dairy farmers should keep in mind.

Cows that are not eating, resting, drinking, showing heat or being milking indicate an opportunity to give your cows an extra Christmas gift this season. 

Dairy farm consolidations will likely continue with emphasis on improving efficiency while meeting the demands of consumers and improving sustainability.

An advantage of Ohio's dairy industry is that one herd size or management system does not fit all. Dianne Shoemaker explains in this week's Dairy Excel.

The Fork in the Road for Dairy Farms is discussed in this article and will provide suggestions for those managers who are or want to become competitive.

Maurice Eastridge cautions dairy farmers to brace for a continuation of challenges in 2021, and I encourage them to examine their farm management practices.

For many dairy farmers, moving on is tough. It was no different for Jim and Donna Beardsley, but they managed to keep the farm going after selling the herd.