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While some people prefer soft-boiled eggs over hard-boiled eggs, from a food safety standpoint, it is safer to use hard-boiled eggs for dyeing Easter eggs.

This Easter will be the first that Alan Guebert will not be with or speak to his family's older generations, so he remembers the ones he spent with them.

It's disappointing so many Easter egg safety articles suggest making separate batches to eat and hide. There are safe ways to eat the eggs you hide.

Easter without Peeps is almost unthinkable. How did they gain such a foothold on things?

From Easter traditions and Peep dioramas to the Pennsylvania state budget and ag careers, here are 10 stories from around the web to read this week.

Easter lilies are a symbol of hope and peace of the Resurrection, and they are also a symbol of spring. Here are tips for care during the Easter season and year-round.

Skip the egg coloring kits from the store this year and make your own natural dyes for Easter eggs.

Of all the farm animals we had over the years, chickens never made the roster.

WASHINGTON -- Americans will celebrate Easter in style and on budget this year, according to the National Retail Foundation's Easter Spending Survey. Still big business Keeping...