Thursday, December 8, 2022
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The Ohio Power Siting Board denied the application for Birch Solar, a proposed 300 MW solar farm in Allen and Auglaize counties, citing local opposition.

Alan Guebert breaks down the $40 billion in the proposed budget reconciliation bill that's earmarked for USDA conservation and climate change projects.

Over the last two decades, an energy company founded in 2001 has become the largest natural gas well owner in the U.S. — without drilling wells. Diversified Energy owns about 70,000 mostly conventional oil and gas wells across the U.S., largely in the Appalachian Basin, making it a big player in the region’s oil and gas industry.

In Pennsylvania, there are currently about 450 utility-scale solar projects under consideration. That brings up opportunities for farmers, but also questions about how solar development could affect the state’s agriculture.

Now that the U.S. has weaned itself off of its reliance on liquid fuel from across the ocean, it’s battling a dependency of another kind as the transition from fossil fuels to renewables continues.

It’s not easy for rural residents who already buy into all the benefits renewables, electric vehicles and energy efficiency have to offer. For those who are less willing, or less able, it could be impossible, at least without help.

Alan Guebert considers the findings of a recently published paper that suggests renewable energy sources may not be the answer to reversing climate change.

The $6.6 million collected from ratepayers was part of more than $24 million in payments identified by FirstEnergy as “improperly classified, misallocated or lacked supporting documentation” in a report to the SEC. A dozen of those payments were to Tony George, a Cleveland businessman; two went to Sam Randazzo, former PUCO chief who resigned last fall after the FBI raided his home in connection with the FirstEnergy/House Bill 6 investigation.

Calls to repeal House Bill 6 have gotten louder after Sam Randazzo, chairman of the PUCO, resigned Nov. 20 after the FBI raided his home.

ReImagine Appalachia's plan would create jobs, but require billions of dollars in funding and put 28,000 workers in fossil fuels industries out of work.