Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Instead of tossing those leaves — and with them a myriad of beneficial nutrients and minerals — make leaf mold to benefit your yard and garden.

Your decorative pumpkins can be given a second life that benefits wildlife and the environment. Learn how to reuse your pumpkins.

Witch hazel is an astringent plant used for reducing inflammation, soothing skin and tightening and toning tissue. Learn how to forage for it in the fall.

During fall in Ohio, fall webworms can be found on more than 120 species of deciduous trees. Learn more about these interesting caterpillars.

Judith Sutherland reminds us, there are a finite number of September mornings to revel in, and each is a gift worthy of celebration.

Eliza Blue ponders the splendor of autumn.

The wildflowers and plants on Julie Geiss' daily walk are telling her that it is time to embrace fall and all the changes it brings.

Fall leaves are an underutilized natural resource, one of the most readily-available forms of organic matter and the cheapest fertilizer on the market.

As much as Julie Geiss enjoys summer, she embraces the impending seasonal change for the promise of a return to the comfort of routines.

Instead of working to remove fallen leaves from your lawn, have them work for you by adding mulched leaves to your lawn, garden and compost.