Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Instead of working to remove fallen leaves from your lawn, have them work for you by adding mulched leaves to your lawn, garden and compost.

Fallen leaves naturally return organic matter to the soil as they decompose. Homeowners have many options for using leaves in their landscape beyond raking. 

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts have some tips on how to use pumpkins in and around your home in traditional and unexpected ways.

Primetime to harvest hazelnuts in the Midwest is from the end of September into October. Learn how to correctly identify, harvest and enjoy them.

September is filled with a mellow, quiet promise of all sorts of possibilities, and the perfect weather in which to take it all in.

Mapping out your garden, soil testing, removing plant material and covering the surface of your garden before winter will help ensure next year’s success.

Julie Geiss reflects on how a short walk in the fall can reveal so many treasures. Find out what she came across on a recent walk around her property.

No matter what kind of scarecrow you want to make, these tips can help you get started with simple instructions.

Learn how to find and identify American persimmon trees, when to harvest their fruit and how to enjoy your bounty.

Ohio’s ginseng harvest season opened Sept. 1. Learn more about the state’s regulations, as well as, how to find, harvest and dry American ginseng.