Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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It is time to remind operators and applicators about the importance of following safety precautions when working around manure storage facilities.

Harvesting corn silage can be dangerous. Please take a few minutes to review safety precautions and harvest recommendations.

On Aug. 10, three brothers died from the toxic fumes of an underground manure pit. In response, Ohio State is reminding farmers of safety precautions.

Confined spaces on farms are hazards, and difficult ones to recognize. Learn safe practices for working in and around confined spaces on farms.

You know how to run all the equipment on your farm, but what about your spouse or your kids? A Butler County man learned the hard way that answer was no.

A new study by Penn State researchers suggests that the agriculture industry is even more dangerous than previously believed. 

Make sure farm equipment, buggies and other slow-moving vehicles are properly marked when driving them on the road.

With more children at home during the day when farm work is being done, families need to be extra cautious in practicing farm safety.

One big thing to think about and inspect as you prepare for winter, are potential fire hazards in your barn. Learn how you can prevent winter barn fires.

Always be aware of the behavior of animals around you. Assess their flight zone and note the look in their eyes.