Sunday, November 29, 2020
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The connection we have to the land, to livestock and to the stewardship of it all is not something many people experience. And it shows. It seems that almost daily, I hear of new experiments to create food that eliminates the need for animal products. As much as we might like to post ironic memes about it on social media, or laugh it off, it’s here.

After a tornado destroyed their barn and damaged their home, the community came together to help the Taylor family recover.

The farming landscape is always evolving. One reader shares his thoughts on these changes and offers insight on making it to the next generation.

The Farm and Dairy staff investigates how the rain is currently impacting farmers in all sectors and how it will continue to have an impact in the future.

To succeed in farming, we all need to feel a little uncomfortable. To push ourselves to be better stewards of our land and livestock, and to be more efficient with our resources. To meet new people, and to get to know them. Don't settle for the single story. Let’s broaden our communities.

The blueberry patch at Harvest Valley Farms in Gibsonia, Pa. took a hit from the periodical cicadas.

Virginia Tech is creating the SmartFarm Innovation Network, a decentralized network of interconnected centers across the commonwealth.

More than nine inches of rain fell this week in Shelby County, Ohio, causing damage to fields and crops.

I spent most of my life saying, vehemently, I wasn’t a dog person. That has changed, and I have livestock guardian dogs to thank. One, in particular, actually. His name is Houdini, and he was the first livestock guardian dog I trained.

Feeding more people with the same land base without degrading the environment against the backdrop of intense weather may require a different mindset.