Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Ohio farmers stepping up to the challenge of fertilizer training, a year ahead of deadline.

Chemical companies are making a lot of noise as they consider mergers.

The deadline to become certified to apply fertilizer is quickly approaching.

Ohio State University Extension is embarking on a major initiative to determine the optimal rates of fertilization on the state’s major crops.

Liquid livestock manure can be a great option as a spring topdress fertilizer for wheat fields if applied during a select window of time in March and April

Some fertilizing hints for the health of your lawn and garden soil.

Now that that the state's nutrient law is passed, farmers a lot to figure out before it becomes effective.

The West Virginia Department of Agriculture encourages buyers of bulk fertilizer and lime to have their deliveries tested to ensure the product meets the guaranteed analysis on the label.

Bill would set new provisions for applying fertilizer and manure in Ohio.

Ohio's third agribusiness conference focuses on many issues, especially water quality.