Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Even last fall, farmers were already looking at higher costs for inputs like fertilizer and herbicides. Russia's attack on Ukraine has led to more disruption for fertilizer, global trade, energy and more, meaning high stakes for farmers this spring planting season.

Crop producers who put off buying fertilizer and herbicides for 2022 might find themselves missing out on some products and paying higher prices.

Learn more about nutrient removal rates and approaches that can be used to maintain and build adequate field fertility and calculate fertilizer needs.

Stevens Institute of Technology is spearheading an effort to map the flow of phosphorus and jump-start efforts to recapture and recycle the vital nutrient.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced the details of a $900 million program intended to improve water quality across Ohio.

How does fertilizing with manure affect soil quality, compared with inorganic fertilizer? Find out what University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers learned.

The Wayne Soil and Water Conservation District honored some of the county's top conservation efforts during the annual meeting Nov. 8.

Researchers hope to partner with more than a dozen northwestern Ohio farmers, to study the issue of legacy phosphorus.

Although harmful algal blooms have plagued Lake Erie for most of the past decade, this year's bloom is lower than scientists expected.

Farmers and fertilizer reps held the 4R Technology field day to review the latest in nutrient management science and equipment.