Monday, May 23, 2022
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If hay is harvested year after year and not fertilized, production will decrease substantially.

Using a sprayer that is not calibrated correctly can be waste of chemicals and money. Follow these tips to getting your sprayer ready for the spring season.

Seed placement and the right amount of fertilizer needed to maximize yields while saving money will be the focus of the daylong Planter University workshop.

Farmers applying commercial fertilizer to more than 50 acres are required to attend a course on fertilizer application no later than Sept. 30, 2017.

A fire destroyed a warehouse storing a de-icer product Jan. 9 at Hoopes Fertilizer Works, located on U.S. Route 30 just west of East Rochester, Ohio.

Ohio State is looking for farmer cooperators and crop consultants to help conduct on-farm field trials for the 2017 field season.

The North American Manure Expo is coming to Ohio, and will share the latest science on nutrient management.

Ohio farmers stepping up to the challenge of fertilizer training, a year ahead of deadline.

Chemical companies are making a lot of noise as they consider mergers.

The deadline to become certified to apply fertilizer is quickly approaching.