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At Sweet Violet Farm, in Leroy, West Virginia, Violet Maston is sharing her love of flowers, with more than 50 varieties that she sells to florists and directly to customers.

Julie Geiss revels in the beauty of and shares some of the health benefits of sunflowers and hibiscus.

Research reveals challenges producing specialty cut flowers.

The amaryllis can brighten up any indoor space with its beautiful blooms. With proper care, you can enjoy yours year after year as it reblooms each winter.

At its peak, the bloom was about 51 inches high. Amorphophallus titanum produces the world’s largest unbranched bloom.

Keeping a watchful eye on your garden throughout the season helps you detect plant problems early, and apply effective solutions before it’s too late.

A prairie is a natural-looking garden of native grasses and wildflowers. They are easy to establish, virtually maintenance free and attract pollinators.

4 tips for when to harvest cut flowers from your garden.

While corms, rhizomes and tubers can all be classified as bulbs, they each have specific characteristics.

Canna lilies are perennials that require specific care throughout the seasons.