Monday, July 13, 2020
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Find out whether or not you should toss the roast you put in your slow cooker before work this morning if you lost power at some point during the day.

Any venison derived from hunting should be handled safely to avoid the spread of foodborne pathogens, which could cause foodborne illnesses.

A study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture reveals that individuals are putting themselves at risk of illness when they wash or rinse raw poultry.

Get ideas on how to pack your child healthy lunches and learn how to ensure food safety throughout the school year.

Use these simple, healthy lunch-packing tips to avoid foodborne illness this school year.

Infusing water with fruits or vegetables is a healthy and delicious way to add flavor to water. However, keep food safety in mind when preparing it.

Understand the basics of food safety and how perishable foods are impacted when you lose power in a storm or experience flooding.

Confusion regarding food label dates also leads to significant food waste. Learn how to navigate through the differences in food label dates.

Get the latest news on beef recalls and learn the best practices for handling ground beef and cooking hamburgers to avoid foodborne illness on Memorial Day.

While some people prefer soft-boiled eggs over hard-boiled eggs, from a food safety standpoint, it is safer to use hard-boiled eggs for dyeing Easter eggs.
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