Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Brunton Dairy, a family-owned dairy farm and processor in Aliquippa, Pa., hosted Pennsylvania Agriculture Secretary George Greig and Pa. State Senator Elder Vogel Jr. March 23.

Ohio Farm Bureau Federation presidents from across the state traveled to Capitol Hill to tell legislators what legislation is important to farmers and what is happening on the family farm.

SALEM, Ohio — It’s more important than ever to prevent residues from showing up in the milk or meat production coming from your farm....

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pretzels, pickles, cheese and pancakes. Oh, where do I start? This is just a short list of the PA Preferred products...

In an effort to make the operation profitable, the Elder brothers have turned their attention to grazing their cattle.

ALIQUIPPA, Pa. — Two people who claim they were stricken with severe illness after drinking milk from Brunton Dairy have filed lawsuits against the...

GIPSA finalized a rule implementing the 2008 farm bill provisions to better protect livestock producers and poultry growers.

Miller Livestock Co. is a family operation raising grass fed meat and eggs for families, restaurants.

An agreement has been reached between the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Organic Trade Association over the milk labeling rule.

Milk production is continuing but the milk is being diverted to another fluid processor.