Sunday, January 17, 2021
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An agreement has been reached between the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Organic Trade Association over the milk labeling rule.

Milk production is continuing but the milk is being diverted to another fluid processor.

On the Clark Farm in New Harrisburg, the Murray Grey breed is the way to go for them.

Several youth set record prices with their livestock during the auctions.

WASHINGTON — The National Organic Program published a final rule Aug. 3 continuing the use of 12 substances in organic production and handling that...

THURMAN, Ohio — The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association’s Roundup will take place Aug. 27 in Gallia County.The program includes an informational session with speakers from the...

Hedge ’em, hide ’em or howl at ’em, facts are facts. Trim ’em, trash ’em or trip over ’em, they still are facts....

Pasture runoff might not be the bad guy, after all.

Frequent rain has delayed first cutting hay harvest this spring. Unfortunately, delayed hay harvest has a direct negative impact on the value of forages. So how did the forage change?

COLUMBUS — Jim Chakeres, executive vice president, Ohio Poultry Association, said Ohio’s egg farmers are committed to producing safe, affordable and wholesome eggs, while maintaining the highest level of care for our hens.