Friday, January 22, 2021
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Grain prices drop even lower, but Aug. 12 crop production report will help tell us where we're at.

Even as producers are digging in their marketing heels, the market is actually giving back some of the gains we have seen over the last month and a half.

Father and son turn Elzy Milling & Trade into Richland County attraction.

Lorain County farmer among the first in his area to donate grain for charitable cause.

Avian flu is one more negative working against the grain prices.

This time of year, market prices are on a bouncy ride.

On this St. Patrick’s Day we hope that the luck of the Irish is for better grain prices.

Maybe this is the week of the big thaw ... we can only hope.

Tight margins are expected. Here are five tips to help grain farmers manage.

A propane shortage last January left agriculture producers and home consumers scrambling to keep their home warm in one of the coldest winters in recent history.