Monday, October 18, 2021
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Judith Sutherland reminds mindful even in the long days during harvest season following the theft of her nephew's pickup truck.

Primetime to harvest hazelnuts in the Midwest is from the end of September into October. Learn how to correctly identify, harvest and enjoy them.

Marlin Clark predicts that the 2021-2022 crop will be as tight in supply as this past year’s, which will continue to support prices.

Dryness in the Midwest has plagued most of the growing season. However, crops are expected to be exceptional in the Eastern Corn Belt due to timely rains.

Harvest thinking is dominating grain markets on the Chicago Board of Trade already. marlin Clark provides his input in this week's grain report.

The contra-seasonal market that has made new highs during harvest has finally broken down in the last week. Marlin Clark analyzes the recent changes.

Harvest the lessons learned from 2020, take a deep breath during winter, and then chart our 2021 business strategies.

Judith Sutherland shares what she remembers best about fall during her childhood – running her hands through an abundance of golden shelled corn.

Appalachian Ohio's wild ginseng is so highly prized it's called "green gold" in some communities. Barb Mudrak digs deep into the world of ginseng harvesting.

It’s safe to say that 2019 has been a tumultuous year for growers. What did that mean for harvest? It all depends on where you’re at.