Friday, August 23, 2019
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Fluctuating weather has created conditions ideal for growing Fusarium mold, otherwise known as ‘Ear Rot’, which produces Vomitoxin and Zearalenone toxins.

With harvest wrapping up, now is a good time to consider the FSA programs that may make our farm life easier.

With more rain than sunshine, this is shaping up to be a difficult end to harvest.

Strong yields for corn and soybeans keep prices low.

October presented many dry days for harvest, but November has caught us by surprise.

Dry corn and soybean fields have put farmers at greater risk of their combines catching on fire while harvesting crops.

Soybean harvest is well underway, but corn is still drying.

Please read up on all the farm safety tips you can find before you get busy with harvest.

Harvest season in Ohio has begun, but remains behind so far.

Before there was a way to haul loose grain, it was sacked out of the threshing machine.
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