Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Lyme disease affects more than 475,000 people annually. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases.

Bryce Angell chronicles the quips of his urologist and friend, who can be quite humorous out on the trail.

If you’re elderly, poor and ill in rural America, the odds that you will receive proper healthcare are dwindling with each passing year.

Lady Buggs Pharm honors ancestral ties to her urban garden which grows traditional fruits and vegetables as well as medicinal plants.

Jackie Nixon shared her story to encourage Pennsylvanians to do a simple test for radon in their homes as part of National Radon Action Month. 

Learn how to brew pine needle tea — a clear tea with a mild flavor that tastes refreshing and earthy — and benefit from its medicinal properties.

Maybe, this will be the year Eliza Blue sets some better boundaries around her time so she can say "yes" more often to the things that feed her soul.

Warmer winters mean more interactions between humans and ticks. Understanding risk and reducing exposure are key to avoiding tickborne diseases.

Two weeks of eating a diet heavy in tomatoes increased the diversity of gut microbes and altered gut bacteria toward a more favorable profile in young pigs.

These tips can help you enjoy the holidays and still meet your food-related health goals.