Friday, August 19, 2022
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As of July 15, the Pennsylvania DEP and county vector programs have detected 68 West-Nile-Virus-infected mosquito pools in 19 counties. 

Prickly pear, wild rose and wild peach trees have properties that make them ideal for treating sunburn. Learn how to find and prepare them to soothe burns.

Learn how to cope and how to support family members and the community at large when tragedy strikes.

Finding joy and clinging to that joy is what will bring you through hard times, and it has some health benefits, too.

Ticks can pose a threat to humans because they are vectors for disease. When you spend time outdoors, protect yourself from ticks to prevent disease.

Plan now to protect yourself against tickborne diseases, including Lyme disease, which has been found in ticks at high levels around Pennsylvania. 

Judith Sutherland looks back on a head injury she suffered eight years ago with gratitude, realizing it could have been worse.

Marcus McCartney hopes his firsthand description of symptoms caused by Lyme disease may help readers who have been suffering from an unknown illness.

Learn how to treat cold and flu symptoms with nine herbs that have been used in many different cultures across the world for centuries.

Whether you go over the top with holidays or prefer a quieter and more peaceful season it is time to learn to manage your boundaries and expectations.