Personal plumber


I feel the struggle, more with age, while climbing in the saddle. I never thought
that getting old could turn to such a battle.

Though some of us are getting old, we still enjoy a ride. But each year my horse
seems taller as I’m standing at his side.

Getting old sure ain’t for sissies. But it’s one we all must do. A man is blessed
when friends are there to see that he gets through.

Thank heaven for our good friend who’s along for every ride. He’s a doctor of
urology, well known both far and wide.

Our doctor friend says when a man gets to his golden years, he urinates more
frequently and grows hair in his ears.

A man can pluck his ears, but with a hefty-sized prostate, his bladder fills to full
and feels like someone closed the gate.

If sitting in the saddle with an over-filled-up bladder, it’s a painful situation. One
I’d rather feel much flatter.

While riding in the desert, one frosty early morn, my horse commenced to buck. I
landed on the saddle horn.

With teeth clinched tight I slobbered, “Will this pain soon go away?” He
answered, “Yes, but you will sing soprano from this day.”

His gentle sense of humor never leaves one to object. Everyone agrees that he’s
the master of respect.

So when we’re riding on the trail and far away this summer. We can proudly say
we brought along our cowboy personal plumber.

Our plumber’s kinda quiet. Doesn’t have a lot to say. But when he offers his
advice it’s in the kindest way.

Yes, our personal plumber keeps an eye on all of us old men. He never thinks
about himself, sorta like a mother hen.

He tells us, “Drink more water. You’ll feel better all around.” You’d think that we
would listen as we tank our sodas down.

He wore a suit and tie all day and scrubs for surgery. But now retired, a pair of
boots and wranglers you will see.

Not everyone’s as lucky as the men who ride with him. His attitude is positive, all
filled up to the brim.

And the best advice he’s given me, I’d like for you to know. “A healthy prostate is
when you can pee your name in snow.”


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