Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Nearly 31 percent of all septic systems in Ohio are failing. Ohio's overhaul of its septic system regs may prompt more homeowner headaches, but result in cleaner environment.

NEW YORK — A few years ago, U.S. Forest Service researchers in Portland, Ore. showed homes with street trees sold for $7,130 more, on...

NEW YORK -- Edging a lawn is a springtime rite of passage for many homeowners. When winter has come and gone, many lawns are...

If more home renovation products were catered I think things would go much more smoothly. Why is it that in the pursuit of better...

Vinyl siding is trusted by homeowners looking to add aesthetic appeal to their home's exterior. Though vinyl siding may seem to be a cut-and-dry type of product, the vast array of vinyl siding colors and styles has created certain trends among consumers.

Shop for big-ticket items during their off-season.

Trying to save electricity? A new tool that helps homeowners save electricity is now on the market.

There's some easy and cost-effective ways to remodel your bathroom. Here's some tips.

Have you listened lately to your house, especially if it is an old house? Over the years you've learned to identify its creaks and cracks, its rattles and bangs, without becoming alarmed. You also know its smells, not just from the kitchen, and if a skunk is passing through.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- In the first extensive survey of its kind, researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences sampled nearly 500 sink drains from 131 buildings -- including businesses, homes, university dormitories and public facilities -- in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and California.