The chaos continues


I am really struggling to be a good grown up this week. Some weeks I am really slaying the whole adult-type person getting things done routine.

I mean I’m pretty sure I was on the mark sometime in early March? This week, however, my behavior was more unattended toddler.

Foremost, if I should ever again decide to eat half a jar of smoked almonds and other random snacks in lieu of dinner, I need one of y’all to remind me that is a young person’s game. I spent most of last night suffering an upset stomach and general malnutrition.

Can a chubby chick get rickets from missing a meal? I’m pretty sure my body is currently craving a nice hit of broccoli. Speaking of which, broccoli is a word that always looks like it is spelled wrong.

Just saying. Last week, we delved deeper into the hot tub that I brought home on a whim. I use “dove” in a metaphorical manner. It would have to hold water before we could actually dive in.

What we have now is sort of a commitment to the cause.

We are two pumps and assorted parts in and still have yet to even plug it in. So that’s fun. I’ve come to call it the Demon Spa and have developed an ongoing relationship with parts suppliers in California.

Fun guys

They stamp Bible verses on the shipping labels. They know we are gonna need it. I continue to spend money like someone with poor impulse control. That feels like an adult failure.

Still, I am oddly fascinated by the process whereby we buy a part, hook that on, only to find out that the NEXT part in the series is now broken.

I currently have one bedroom torn apart, a hot tub in parts on my deck and I decided — on a whim — (see poor impulse control, above) to paint GirlWonder’s room.

It seemed as good a time as any, what with the floor missing and all. So I spent the day running around to and fro from the hardware store buying paint and supplies.

I splashed paint EVERYWHERE.

I have never painted and not ended up with paint on my clothes, in my hair and so on. I can usually pick up a new gallon simply by pointing to the paint splashed on myself.

I think that people who are more grown up than I would have focused on ONE project to fruition.

More chaos

I prefer to spend the chaos around. So now the walls are perfect but the floor is still not replaced. We also tore out the closet because why not? Then, in the midst of it all, I ordered us a new mattress.

I’m just not sleeping as well as I used to. I cannot imagine why?

Finally, I developed a raging case of cellulutis from an insect bite. So now everything hurts and I’m dying. I don’t believe I have ever been this sick in my life. This is why I am INDOORSY! Nature is not to be trusted.

So now I want Mr. Wonderful to bring the hot tub indoors. Suffice to say that I am definitely a toddler adult this week. I’m cranky, I’m sick and I don’t like any of my toys.

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