Friday, December 1, 2023
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A recent study found the U.S. honey bee population has low genetic diversity, which could have a negative impact on future crop pollination and beekeeping.

Red Beard Bees includes 65 colonies, or hives, in the Whitehall suburb of Columbus where owner Dave Noble lives.

Beekeepers Dwight Wells and Zale Maxwell started the Ohio Queen Bee Improvement Project to selectively breed bees that are well adapted to Ohio conditions.

Ohio honey production for 2018 totaled 1.02 million pounds, down 7% from 2017.

Sam Moore recounts a honey-hunting passage from a book titled The Puddleford Papers, published in 1856.

Tom McCormack started beekeeping in 1977. Since then he's helped many within the industry and many beyond it.

Ohio honey production for 2017 totaled 1.10 million pounds, down 8 percent from 2016.

Beginner and experienced beekeepers and those thinking about taking up backyard beekeeping can get the information they need from Beekeeping 101.

RFID microchips provide glimpses into a colony of bumblebees, and how they gather nectar.

Non-crop pollen is consistently contaminated with a host of agricultural and urban pesticides throughout the growing season.