Thursday, November 30, 2023
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New Ohio agriculture administration reviewing water quality action, stakeholder input.

The Ohio Expo Center and State Fair celebrated the re-naming of one of the newest buildings, named after Gov. John Kasich.

The rule package that accompanied Gov. Kasich's executive order on eight Ohio watersheds violated several of the state's rule-making criteria, and was sent back to the ag department for further review.

Despite strong calls from Ohio Gov. John Kasich to act on his executive order, a state commission that is reviewing it believes more time is needed.

Task force members concerned there could be too many shortcomings in Kasich's plan, with one member likening it to a "random act of regulation."

Former Ohio Ag Director says he is unsure why he was let go, but is proud of what his department accomplished.

Reporter Chris Kick says the governor should have worked with farmers instead of issuing an executive order.

The Ohio Soil and Water Commission decided to gather more information before declaring eight Ohio watersheds distressed.

Letter writer says the Kasich administration has given tax benefits to businesses, while farmers have been made to pay more.