Monday, March 4, 2024
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The Tom S. Cooperrider-Kent Bog State Nature Preserve has been expanded to protect an additional 75 acres by a group of conservation partners.

USDA is accepting offers for nearly 2.7 million acres from agricultural producers and private landowners through this year’s Conservation Reserve Program.

The Ohio Resource Connection, a statewide contractor database, lists wildlife and forestry professionals who can help landowners manage their property.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture and Ohio Department of Natural Resources are offering incentives to join the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program.

Alan Guebert explains why the U.S. Department of Agriculture's biggest environmental program, the Conservation Reserve Program, is at a crossroads.

Alan Guebert weighs in on changes coming to the Conservation Reserve Program.

The USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service is currently accepting applications for programs that protect wetlands, agricultural lands and grasslands.

Pennsylvania legislation amends eminent domain laws. Now known as Act 45, it limits the ability to use eminent domain on land in conservation easements.