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Because many farmers have limited time, it's difficult to meet people. FarmersMatch lets country singles meet potential matches anywhere and at any time.

Teddy Roosevelt became the youngest president at age 43. Today, his words still inspire many.

Mason jars are the darling of Pinterest. They are used for everything — crafts, home decor, party favors, garden art, desk organizing and food storage.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt gets to the root of her declining memory.

Although the Seabolt family regularly shares vehicles, one finicky sedan has other ideas about who it wants behind the wheel.

Mike Tontimonia shares his revised bucket list.

Sometimes the clutter of daily life can turn into complete chaos.

As we relax and are thankful for our freedoms, David Marrison challenges each of us to examine how we can make America a better place.

Summer church camp left Judith Sutherland with many fond memories and a longing to return each year.

Every year for the last 60 years, Mike Tontimonia and a group of friends have visited the same remote Lake Temagami Island for an all-guys getaway.