Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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In Ohio, Belmont and Jefferson sites received the most permits this February.

Portage County residents share concerns about Ohio's injection wells and control of wastes.

Shale energy is big news for now, but wind has been with us forever.

Washington County leads the way with the most producing wells in western Pennsylvania's Marcellus shale.

There are 14 rigs currently drilling in the Utica shale.

The Pennsylvania Environmental Quality Board has approved revisions to oil and gas drilling regulations, but the industry isn't happy about it.

Belmont County may lead Ohio, but Washington County in Pennsylvania had the highest number of permits issued there.

The Pennsylvania DEP issues new rules for oil and gas drilling, but the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association calls them ‘unreasonable.'

Kinder Morgan VP sits down for interview with Farm and Dairy.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources reported 1,648 Utica shale wells have been drilled as of Nov. 28.