Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Locally grown food is good for eaters, the economy and the environment. It increases farm income, creates profitable new markets for local producers, brings people together, builds community and strengthens our food system.

Individual companies in the food industry follow the market. That's the way the market works. What doesn't work is telling your customer they're wrong.

Election news continues to dominate everything, including the grain markets.

Resources for those who want to start farming, or want to get involved in local food markets or just want to know where to go to get information on the web

SALEM, Ohio — One-third of U.S. products are destined for export, according to Chris Henney, president and CEO of Ohio Agribusiness Association, and with...

The combines were running hard in northeast Ohio the last few days, and farmers were mostly happy with yields.

The upper northeastern corner of Ohio might have good crops, but the rest of the state is struggling.

Despite the stories, almost all Americans, 998 out of every 1,000 in fact, never pay one penny of estate taxes.

The World Ag Supply and Demand report has been released, and just about everything is negative for prices.