Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Despite continued evidence that the majority of Americans have a very limited appetite for non-meat meat and non-egg eggs, investors continue to invest.

Alan Geubert sheds light on the labor infractions of Wisconsin-based contractor, Packers Sanitation Services, Inc., and what they should mean to consumers.

Alan Guebert digs into two recent reports that defend the market power gained by U.S. meatpackers in the last 30 years.

Limited processing infrastructure is one of the big challenges for the meat industry in Ohio. That’s what some in the food industry are hoping to help address with a U.S. Department of Agriculture Local Foods Promotion Project on mobile meat slaughter in Ohio and central Appalachia.

For all the talk about the lack of processing capacity for small farms, one would think that a turnkey USDA plant would be an easy sell. The fact that it’s still sitting on the market is a sign of the industry’s broader issues: the labyrinth of confusing federal regulations, the difficulty in running a customer-facing business and the struggle to keep skilled workers.

Consumer demand for lamb increased considerably during 2020 as lamb sales grew at a larger percentage than total meat sales overall.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is launching a review of the "Product of the USA" label on meat.

Farm groups have joined voices to call on the USDA, Congress and the Department of Justice to ensure a more financially sustainable situation for cattlemen.

While it may not be pretty, meat processing is arguably the most important part of the whole local food system.

Labor shortages is a big issue butchers run into when trying to expand or even just run their businesses. Penn State Extension is trying to fix that.