Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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The Mahoning County Soil and Water Conservation District is once again collecting milkweed seed pods beginning on Sept. 1 and continuing through November.

Milkweed seed pods can be collected from September to November. Then the seeds can be planted or donated to a local soil and water conservation district.

Learn how you can help endangered monarch butterflies by implementing conservation practices in community gardens, local parks and your own backyard.

Milkweed is a beneficial host plant for Monarch butterflies. Learn how to narrow down which varieties will work well in your yard or garden.

The Milkweed Mud Pies program at the Beaver Creek Wildlife Education Center was a start to helping monarch butterflies survive and thrive.

University of Kentucky entomologists found native milkweed cultivars in small gardens effectively attract and support monarchs.

The annual monarch butterfly migration is a natural phenomenon. Learn more about how they survive the long flight to Mexico, Florida and California.

Julie Geiss recalls a monarch butterfly migration she was lucky enough to witness during her youth.

It's time to plan for the Great Backyard Bird Count, running Feb. 15-18. The GBBC allows volunteers to take a snapshot of global bird populations.

Migratory birds and butterflies will soon begin their journey head south for the winter. Learn more about what species to watch for this fall.