Saturday, December 2, 2023
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The final version of Ohio's next operating budget, signed July 4 by Gov. Mike DeWine, includes funding for water quality, state and county fairs, rural infrastructure and several provisions to cut taxes for individuals and businesses.

An Ohio bill that would deregulate some ephemeral features has moved to Gov. Mike DeWine’s desk, with mixed reactions from conservation groups. House Bill 175 will remove ephemeral streams, but not wetlands, from regulation under the state’s water pollution control programs.

The Ohio legislature passed a bill that could help make the road to farming easier for beginning farmers. House Bill 95 authorizes tax credits both for beginning farmers who attend a financial management program, and for people and businesses who sell or rent farmland, equipment, livestock or buildings to beginning farmers.

Despite opposition from dozens of Ohio’s environmental and conservation groups, the Ohio House passed a bill to deregulate the state’s ephemeral streams. Even if the bill passes the Ohio Senate, it could be struck down if the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reverses a Trump-era federal rule — a decision the U.S. EPA is currently considering.

The Ohio House passed House Bill 95, the Family Farm Regeneration Act, which authorizes tax credits to help beginning farmers get access to land and other resources, June 28. It goes to the Senate for consideration next.

Changes the Ohio Senate made to its version of the state’s next budget bill could set back the state’s work on broadband expansion, and threaten existing municipal networks.

The Senate unanimously passed a bill to create Ohio’s first ever statewide broadband grant program April 28. House Bill 2 is a reintroduction of House Bill 13, which lost momentum and never came up for a final vote in 2020 after receiving support from legislators, rural groups and more.