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This course is designed for livestock producers who have already initiated grazing practices on their farm, and who have at least a basic knowledge of the grazing behavior of their animals and of their pasture ecosystems.

This Knox County farm keeps improving, and now supports sheep, cattle, poultry and swine.

Manage your pastures early and often for a good growing season.

With careful planning, burning pasture can produce numerous benefits.

It has been said many times that the most economical way to raise cattle is in a forage system.

Assess your pasture land now to make improvements for next season. Here's how to do that.

Pasture is a valuable forage resource. Like any resource, it responds to management. What is your plan to add value to your pasture in 2013?

More than 95 percent of weeds can be controlled through good management practices.

Intensive grazing management concepts work the same, even if you're raising buffalo, like the Swope farmily at Heritage Lane Farm.

Grazing management has certainly been an interesting challenge this year. Who would have dreamed during last year’s dry weather that nearly everyone reading this...