Friday, September 29, 2023
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Beech leaf disease has been documented in at least a dozen counties in northeast Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Ontario, Canada.

There are several ways to discourage starlings from visiting your backyard. Eliminating easy access to food sources and nesting sites is crucial.

According to an Ohio State University Extension educator, ticks — and the diseases they carry — are on the rise and will likely continue to increase.

The Asian longhorned beetle program will focus on removing infested trees in quarantined areas in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio and South Carolina.

The Black Vulture Relief Act would allow a cattle producer to take black vultures that pose a risk to livestock.

If you see raccoons hanging around your bird feeders, take steps to keep them away. Learn 11 ways to keep raccoons away from your bird feeders.

ODNR is encouraging people to report sightings of hemlock woolly adelgids, insects that can threaten hemlock forests.

As of July 15, the Pennsylvania DEP and county vector programs have detected 68 West-Nile-Virus-infected mosquito pools in 19 counties. 

Ticks — and the diseases they carry — are on the rise in Ohio this season and will likely continue to increase.

Some plants naturally keep mosquitoes at bay. Most of them do well in containers that can be arranged around outdoor gatherings. Julie Geiss offers insight.