Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Alan Guebert reflects on the Biden administration's most recent ideas to combat climate change.

Alan Guebert weighs in on changes coming to the Conservation Reserve Program.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris officially began their four year terms following a swearing in ceremony Jan. 20. Multiple farm and agricultural groups congratulated Biden and Harris and said they are ready to work with the new administration.

Alan Guebert sheds some light on why he's not sharing comments from his most critical readers this year and what the real problems facing rural America are.

The pandemic’s influence was evident at the Ohio Farm Bureau’s annual meeting Dec. 7-11 — both in the way the meeting was conducted, and in the policy priorities delegates set for 2021.

With climate change likely to be a major conversation over the next four years or more, agriculture and forestry groups are looking for a seat at the table through climate coalitions — even if that means working with groups that have traditionally differed on climate policy ideals.

Alan Guebert ponders farm payments from the government and ag industries that no longer operate independently, wondering if policy changes may work better.

Alan Guebert contemplates herd immunity and the reality of what it would take to develop herd immunity to COVID-19.

Marlin Clark provides an update on the United States' trade agreement with China and its impact on agricultural markets and commodity futures.

Alan Guebert ponders his own white privilege — the privilege many rural Americans share — and how it can be used to speak up and combat racism.