Friday, September 30, 2022
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Alan Guebert peels back the economic theories that have shaped U.S. policy for decades and continue to play a part in government involvement in the markets.

Alan Guebert explains the data that suggests American ag policy needs to make strategic changes to meet new challenges faced by U.S. farmers and ranchers. 

Alan Guebert believes the problem with the industrial mind in agriculture is that it floats along on a rising sea of taxpayer money and unaccounted costs.

Alan Guebert explains why hundreds of other long-time organic farmers maintain that large portions of USDA-labeled "organic" products are not truly organic.

The Ohio Food Policy Network is hoping the pandemic can be a launch pad to new normals for food systems. The network unveiled its new policy agenda June 11.

Alan Guebert dissects the fight over clear, national and enforceable organic standards.

Alan Guebert reflects on the Biden administration's most recent ideas to combat climate change.

Alan Guebert weighs in on changes coming to the Conservation Reserve Program.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris officially began their four year terms following a swearing in ceremony Jan. 20. Multiple farm and agricultural groups congratulated Biden and Harris and said they are ready to work with the new administration.

Alan Guebert sheds some light on why he's not sharing comments from his most critical readers this year and what the real problems facing rural America are.