Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Alan Guebert considers zombie ideas in politics and how they've contributed to the trade negotiations that have affected the U.S. agricultural sector.

Learn more about how two major parties — Democrat and Republican ­­­— came to dominate the national elections in the United States.

One stolen political sign is a sad harbinger of the times for Rebecca Miller.

Alan Guebert ponders farm payments from the government and ag industries that no longer operate independently, wondering if policy changes may work better.

Alan Guebert shares his concerns over congress' request to raise the annual spending authority of the USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation.

Marlin Clark provides an update on the United States' trade agreement with China and its impact on agricultural markets and commodity futures.

Alan Guebert ponders the division that's present in the United States, considering everything from systemic racism and the pandemic to ag policy.

Alan Guebert ponders his own white privilege — the privilege many rural Americans share — and how it can be used to speak up and combat racism.

Alan Guebert reminds readers that when fear and anger at individuals replace love and duty for the nation, an honorable lion can become a gun-hiding mouse.

Alan Guebert ponders the need for a nationally coordinated food policy — both in the past and present times.