Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Last spring’s relentless rainfall played havoc individual fields and this year could be a repeat. Plan now to find solutions to increased rainfall.

Planning for increased rainfall is guaranteed to reduce runoff, improve soil health and water quality, save money and add beneficial beauty to your yard.

Judith Sutherland recalls the July 4th flood of 1969 that changed the simple balance of life on her family's farm for a very long time.

Farmers who have crop insurance need to make tough decisions regarding their growing season, and deadlines are looming.

From creating ruts in pasture and crop fields to problems with livestock, mud can have a severally negative impact on your farming operations.

Flooding and heavy rains can damage foundations, private water wells and septic systems. Learn how to properly evaluate and respond to water damage.

The cold, wet spring is already delaying fieldwork and early planting.

Spring is here and the price skids so far have been as ugly as the weather.