Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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These maps will determine where billions in federal funding are sent to help bridge the rural broadband access gap.

Cooperatives that originally brought electricity to rural Ohio are now looking for ways to provide high speed internet as well.

Farm organizations and rural leaders are continuing to emphasize what the pandemic has made clear: rural areas need broadband. In addition to public dollars dedicated to the problem, private sector companies and nonprofits are continuing to work on solutions.

Last year, Megan Kvamme launched a company, Ohio Transparent Telecom, or OhioTT, to improve access in rural areas, using fixed wireless connections.

Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted recently announced a telehealth project that will serve nearly 20,000 students in 15 school districts, across six rural counties.

A recent study from The Center for Rural Pennsylvania confirmed what many have been saying: rural Pennsylvanians are often getting slower internet speeds at higher prices than urban Pennsylvanians. But it also suggested that rural residents are more willing to pay for broadband than urban residents.

How do you solve an $80 billion problem? Economists and rural broadband advocates are looking for solutions to rural broadband access challenges, but there is no silver bullet, and some say it's hard to know how effective subsidy programs are, given the limited research.

Switzerland of Ohio Local School District is the site for a telehealth pilot project that could be replicated by other school districts across the state.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in progress, schools are planning both in-person and remote options for learning this year. For those in areas with less internet access, remote learning presents particular challenges.

The Pennsylvania State Grange wants Gov. Tom Wolf to put his money and resources where his mouth is when it comes to broadband internet access.