Saturday, December 9, 2023
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It’s more likely, however, that the apocalypse will arrive in something far less breathtaking than a 757 and far more mundane like, say, a Land Grant University extension bulletin.

Children were called upon to accomplish all sorts of things, and if a scary old grandfather asked a child to play checkers after the chores were done, there was no getting out of it.

Holmes County's Leah Miller helps farmers and rural communities with networking, education.

WOOSTER, Ohio -- "Food deserts" are normally thought of as low-income, blighted urban neighborhoods with little access to fresh, reasonably priced fruits and vegetables....

Disputes arise in rural areas of Ohio, and if things get serious, those involved may want to consider mediation rather than the legal system to resolve the issue.

A new website, AgLease 101, is a great resource for farmers and land owners.

KENT, Ohio -- Kent State University will receive a $225,000 economic development grant from the USDA to assist businesses in rural Ohio communities.

CAMBRIDGE, Ohio -- Rural landowners are often not aware of the many agencies in place to assist them with the various aspects of rural land ownership.

LONDON, Ohio -- Experts from Ohio State University's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences will discuss opportunities and challenges in developing natural gas.