Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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The sounds of country life may take some getting used to for newcomers.

Even as the U.S. works on moving forward on broadband expansion, some rural areas could see a step backwards in cellular connections this year, when major carriers shut down their 3G networks.

As talks about infrastructure continue in Washington, D.C., the National Ground Water Association wants lawmakers to remember water wells. More than 40 million people, mostly in rural areas, depend on about 15 million residential water wells as their main source of clean water.

Kym Seabolt digs into society's fascination with rural decor and clothing — workwear, roosters, canning jars for every use, large-scale gardening.

Alan Guebert sheds some light on why he's not sharing comments from his most critical readers this year and what the real problems facing rural America are.

Judith Sutherland imagines waking up and heading out to cement and blacktop and asphalt and cars and people as far as the eye could see.

Even with higher rates of poverty in Ohio's major cities, urban schools are outperforming rural districts, according to a study by Ohio State University.

Judith Sutherland feels blessed to live on her farm, in the country where she feels safe.

The Cowboy Way, Alabama, has provided Judith Sutherland with an enjoyable escape from snow and ice.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt was recently visited by a pair of peacocks. She recaps the chaos that ensued.