Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Pete Conkle talks about his fall do-list on his farm and encourages others to take part.

The costs of soil erosion are far-reaching, but when intensified by human activity, it can have negative environmental, societal and economic impacts.

Klick has farming in his blood. He is part of a farm family that’s in its fifth generation. According to Klick, farming is a business, and everyone should be open to the entrepreneurial side. In the meantime, he is giving voice to a new generation.

Fall is the best time to test your pasture or hay field's nutrients and pH, and soil testing should be part of your land management strategy.

A group of Pennsylvania ag and environmental groups and an underwear company want you to test your soil health this June by soiling your undies.

In 2020, The Nature Conservancy launched the Farmer Advocates for Conservation program. Through the program, farmers using conservation practices learn how to talk about the benefits they see from them, and encourage other farmers to give them a try.

Improving soil health is important and has many benefits. Regular checkups can provide information on how management practices are affecting soil health.

When Ron Snyder makes management decisions for his Wood County farm, he's trying to promote the biological activity within the soil.

Researchers at Ohio State University and Kent State University are working on the Stark Soil Health Initiative, a project seeking to understand how farm management affects soil health and carbon storage on small farms in Ohio.

Carroll SWCD offers discounts on all of its equipment to give producers an opportunity to see the benefits of practices that promote soil health.