Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Holmes County's aerial cover crop program saves farmers money and helps stop erosion and retain moisture and nutrients in the soil.

Soil tests can provide a lot of information that can help guide you with what you should be putting on your fields.

A small investment in a current soil test can make all the difference for accurate fertilizer rates, as well as increased forage or crop production.

Conservation planning has been the root of the efforts to save our nation's precious soil since the Dust Bowl era some 80 years ago.

Build soil health through managed grazing practices, and productivity will follow. Idaho rancher Glenn Elzinga spoke about his diversified livestock operation at the Western PA Grazing Conference.

Soil testing provides the baseline needed for action in regards to runoff. Learn more about this and other conservation practices to reduce nutrient runoff.

Healthy soils with proper structure and a balance of mineral and organic matter withstand drought and provide moisture to plants during the dry season.

All farmers should try to prevent soil loss. It doesn't take long before topsoil is compromised and your ability to produce top-yielding crops is hampered.

The Soil Health Partnership is expanding a pilot project to give more farmers access to the soil health network.

The amount of soil organic carbon differs from soil to soil.