Sunday, April 2, 2023
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Haskins Farm owner Curtis Cook won Geauga County Soil and Water Conservation District's Big Tree Contest with his champion tuliptree.

Michael O'Neill and his farm, Bald Eagle Pass Tree Farm, are being recognized with the 2022 Ohio Tree Farm of the Year award.

Grey Oaks Tree Plantation was named 2021 Tree Farm of the Year by the Ohio Forestry Association and the Ohio Tree Farm Program.

The Brammer Family Tree Farm, in Columbiana County, was named the 2020 Ohio Tree Farm of the Year by the Ohio Forestry Association.

Paul Mechling, owner of Snowy Oak Tree Farm, is preparing for the 2019 Ohio Tree Farm of the Year tour. On his farm, Mechling focuses on conservation.

Whispering Ridge Tree Farm, in Monroe County, Ohio, has been named the 2018 Ohio Tree Farm of the Year by the Ohio Tree Farm Committee.

Foresters Koral and Randy Clum not only give advice to other landowners, they've developed their own 152-acre tree farm, honored this year as the Ohio Tree Farm of the Year.

Successfully transplanting a living Christmas tree can be tricky, but following these selection, home care and planting tips will help.

Select the perfect Christmas tree, set it up without a hassle and use these 10 tips to preserve your fresh cut Christmas tree at home.

It is that time of year when families head to the local tree farm, walk up and down the rows to find the perfect tree.With a short selling season many Christmas tree farms may find it hard to stay in business.