Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Today’s politics are dominated by the inside-out logic that doing nothing is better than doing anything. We even pay dozens in Congress at least $174,000 per year to ensure it

Responding to a need for education designed to help women manage business risks and enhance the financial viability of their agricultural operations, Penn State Extension will offer a workshop series to be held at six locations across Pennsylvania.

CAMBRIDGE, Ohio -- Rural landowners are often not aware of the many agencies in place to assist them with the various aspects of rural land ownership.

The ag economist emphasized that anyone involved in the commodity market has to keep his attention on just about everything.

The Supplemental Revenue Assistance Payments Program was authorized by the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 to provide assistance to producers suffering crop losses because of disasters.

MADISON, Wis. -- A study by the USDA's Agricultural Research Service has concluded that measuring the emission of greenhouse gases from croplands should take into account the crops themselves.

WASHINGTON -- The USDA has designated 49 counties in Ohio as primary natural disaster areas due to excessive rain, flooding, flash flooding, high winds, excessive heat and tornadoes.

WASHINGTON -- The origin of three costly cattle diseases is genetically linked, according to findings from USDA researchers.

It's a seller's market: Don't look back at $7 corn and $14 beans and wonder why you didn't sell those numbers going into harvest!

WASHINGTON -- The Quasar Energy Group will receive a $1 million grant through the USDA to demonstrate the effectiveness of anaerobic digesters to process and manage livestock waste in the Grand Lake St. Mary's watershed.