Monday, May 29, 2023
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Gov. Jim Justice announced that the West Virginia Gold Rush will return, giving anglers a chance to catch golden rainbow trout and win prizes.

Matt Welsch returns to his home in West Virginia and opens a restaurant Vagabond Kitchen to create culinary dishes based on Appalachian cuisine.

A new "brand partnership" aims to keep West Virginia beef in West Virginia and make it accessible and affordable for consumers.

Aaron and Tara Helmick's dairy made sense financially, but it was burning them out. Sheep have given them a new lease on life.

The sheep industry is going through a revival of sorts. Prices for lambs and ewes hit record highs in 2021, following a year of solid growth in 2020. People consumed more lamb last year than they have in two decades. 

A recent West Virginia bill aims to help address a shortage of veterinarians by allowing veterinarians from other states to practice telehealth in West Virginia.

West Virginia's equine industry is small, but like ag across the state, has room to grow. That's why the state launched the West Virginia Horse Coalition, a public-private partnership aimed at supporting and promoting the state's equine industry.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice recently announced a proposed state budget for fiscal year 2023. The proposal lines up with Justice’s history of proposing mostly flat budgets for the last several years. Some argue, however, a flat budget means low expectations and a lack of investment in the state.

GreenPower Motor Company Inc. has signed an agreement with West Virginia to lease/purchase a facility to manufacture all-electric school buses.

Jeff and Janet Allen aren’t shy about sharing what they’ve learned in their 30 years of running their beef cow/calf operation: Using conservation practices is good for woodlands, water and the environment as a whole. But it’s also good for the farmers.