Friday, October 30, 2020
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Monroe County led Ohio for the highest number of permits issued, at six permits.

Best-selling author Forrest Pritchard will headline the third annual West Virginia Urban Agriculture Conference April 30.

15 years ago, a Brooke County, West Virginia, family began making maple syrup in the family kitchen. Today, the Herveys are known across North America as the top maple sugar producer in the world.

This year’s conference offered intensive sessions ranging from wholesale marketing and Farm to School programs to processing, food safety, branding and everything in between.

There are 14 rigs currently drilling in the Utica shale.

Belmont County may lead Ohio, but Washington County in Pennsylvania had the highest number of permits issued there.

Although avian influenza was never detected in West Virginia, poultry producers are advised to be on alert for symptoms of the virus in their flocks.

Shale permits plummet in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Boxwood Blight, a devastating pest to boxwoods, has been identified in West Virginia retail locations.

In West Virginia, lawmakers are split over the forced pooling measure.